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Variav is a village situated in Surat District, Gujarat, India. situated on the right bank of Tapti River. Variav was recently added to the region of Surat Municipal Corporation, and is now part of Greater Surat.



Variav is an ancient town of some historical importance. As early as the seventh century CE it may have been known as a place of migration of Zoroastrians fleeing the fall of the Sassanid Empire. The arrival of Zoroastrians in India is documented in Qissa-i Sanjan, and the date of first arrival is variously interpreted as being 936 AD, 765 AD and 716 AD.

Many centuries later, after Mahmud Begada conquered the partially Parsi city of Sanjan (Gujarat) in the 1480s, Variav was one of many towns and villages that received a further influx of Parsis, along with Navsari, Surat, Wankaner, Ankleshwar, Bharuch and Khambhat to the north of Sanjan and Thane to the south.

According to P. P. Balsara s "Highlights of Parsi History", published in 1963, Variav is renowned for one other historical snippet. Towards the end of the 11th century the Parsi settlement refused to pay taxes to the Rajput prince of the area. The prince sent a force to the town that arrived while the men were away. The Parsi women fought the Rajputs. One of the women lost her helmet, and the Rajputs, seeing that they were fighting women, rallied. The Parsi women drowned themselves in the river rather than risk capture.[1] This event is still remembered with a ceremony performed in Surat every year.

Demographics & Migration

Variav is home to a mixed population of Sunni Muslim Vohra, Parsi, and various castes of Hindu.

Most of the Sunni Muslim Vohra population migrated to Burma (now Myanmar) where they flourished as a business community, while many maintain significant links back to Variav. In many cases, this included maintenance of houses. It was a similar story for the Parsi community, almost all of whom migrated to Mumbai and other parts of India. Both communities can now be found scattered throughout the world.

From early times Variavwala were interested in trade and commerce and travelled to foreign lands, undertaking long sea voyages. People migrated in the early 19th century to settle in Mayanmar (Burma), where they established many businesses and were great entrepreneurs; a number of them even became advisors to the Burmese rulers.

Then came the migration to England from the 1950s to the 1970s, a number then left for Canada particularly during the period from the 1970s to the 1990s. Similarly for USA, a considerable number migrated to many other countries. They are now in UK, USA, Canada, Burma, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France etc. and many more.

Despite the fact that Variav is only a small village, its people have made valuable contributions in societies around the world. They have always been great philanthropists and have set up many Waqfs or Religious Foundations to help poor, needy, disadvantaged and unfortunate members of society, particularly in Burma and in Variav itself.

The largest population of Variavwala outside India is in UK, where the community settled in the 1950s and 1960s.


Variav has its own drinking water tank from 1903 AD set up by Ebrahim Madha of the Sunni Vohra community. The actual machinery was imported from Belgium.

In terms of religious establishments, there are four mosques, one madrassa.

Other public facilities include two government-run schools and a library. One reader commented that “ Mehfil-e-Nurl-Islam library is the second oldest Library in Gujarat”. The Library is managed by Sunni Vohra Jamat. The Library is located on a bend in the river Tapi, and has the best view on both sides.


Variav has its own dispensary

serving the poor and needy, most services are FREE

More details for medical and charitable services can be found at

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Housing market Flat and Houses

Demand for flats and houses are very strong. Since variav incorporation in Surat, all the farmland has been converted into residential plots.

The surrounding area of Rander, Adajan, Jahangir pura has benefited with high rise housing complex. Flats are in great demand.

Ved-Variav Bridge

Variav has a new Bridge called Ved - Variav Bridge

It is a four-lane bridge inaugurated on Thursday May 18th 2023

The four-lane bridge, spanning a length of 1.50 km over the Tapi River, has been constructed at a cost of Rs 118.42 crore.

variav bridge

Annual Fund Raising Event

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